5 Best Telenor SMS Packages 2022-23

Telenor SMS Packages: Pakistan’s 2nd largest mobile telecom company is, of course, Telenor. Some of the unique features and services of Telenor are listed. At very cheap prices, Telenor offers various call, SMS and internet data packages for subscribers. One of the most trusted mobile telecommunications companies in Pakistan is Telenor. The owner of Telenor wanted to give the best services at a cheaper rate.

A market dominated by pre-paid subscriptions is where Telenor operates its mobile-only business. The number two position in the market is occupied by Telenor Pakistan. At the end of 2021, there were 49.4 million subscriptions, with a market share of 26.2%. It is a huge success rate of Telenor Pakistan and it shows the interest of customers in Telenor services. Telenor got its GSM license in 2004 and started commercial services in 2005.

Telenor SMS Packages

You are getting a great deal on the quality of SMS messages. With the SMS packages, Telenor provides the best way to receive discounts on SMS. Compared to regular plans, Telenor SMS packages are a lot less expensive, especially when you opt for the monthly plan. If you have a cell phone then using the Telenor SMS package is the best choice for you, as it is affordable, accessible and reliable service.

Telenor’s SMS packages come in various forms, such as daily, weekly, monthly, 5 days, and 15 days economy sms bundle. Now we will briefly discuss Telenor SMS packages with activation codes, price and validity.

Telenor SMS Packages Daily

Telenor Daily SMS Package

The Telenor Daily SMS package is a great way to get your messages to your friends and family. This SMS service offers a daily text messages to all subscribers. You can choose to send out 240 messages a day. The cost of the package is Rs. 4.78 incl. tax per day. and the code is *345*116#.

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 4.78 incl. tax2401 Day*345*116#
Telenor daily sms package

Telenor weekly SMS package

Telenor Weekly SMS Package

Telenor SMS packages weekly can be customized with your own messages and the number of messages you want to send. You can also choose to have your messages sent as a group text, or individual messages to each recipient. The Telenor weekly SMS package can be used for anything from a reminder to call your parents, to sending a friend a good morning text.

Telenor weekly SMS package will give you 2000 SMS for 7 days for just Rs. 17 incl. tax and the activation code for this offer is *345*117#.

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 17 incl. tax20007 Days*345*117#
Telenor weekly sms package

Telenor monthly sms package

Telenor Monthly SMS Package

The Telenor monthly SMS Package is a unique feature that allows you to send 10000 texts messages to your contacts for whole month, additional 1 GB WhatsApp for you to connect with your friends and family on WhatsApp. You can choose to receive any type of message that your friends send you on Telenor. The texts messages will be sent to your phone as long as you are on the network.

The Telenor monthly SMS package is easy to use and the price is very affordable. You can get a monthly subscription to the Telenor monthly SMS package by dialing code *345*363#. The Price of this monthly package is Rs. 60 incl. tax, and validity is 30 days.

PriceWhatsAppSMS ValidityActivation Code
Rs. 60 incl. tax1 GB1000030 Days*345*363#
Telenor monthly sms package

Telenor 15 Day Economy SMS Package

Telenor has launched a new 15 day Economy SMS package service that allows you to send 800 SMS for 15 days at a discounted price of Rs. 17 incl. Tax. Telenor 15 days economy SMS Package This special SMS package is available to all Telenor prepaid customers. 

This SMS package can be used to send your daily text messages to friends and family. It is also perfect for sending important messages such as “Happy Birthday”, “I love you”, “Good Morning”, “Good Night”, and many more as you want.

Telenor 15 day economy SMS package will give you 800 SMS for 15 days in the price of Rs. 17 incl. tax and the activation code for this offer is *345*112# or dial 555.

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 17 incl. tax80015 Days*345*112# or dial 555
Telenor 15 day economy sms package

Telenor 5 Day SMS Package

The benefits of Telenor 5 day SMS package are amazing. The best part of this package is that you can send free SMS messages to other people with just one touch of the screen after subscribing the package. Subscribing Telenor 5 day sms package is very convenient and affordable for all Telenor customers. 

After subscribing the package customers will get 300 SMS for 5 days long in very cheap price of Rs. 9.5 incl. tax. Use the activation code *345*015# or dial 555 for subscription. 

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 9.5 incl. tax3005 Days*345*015# or dial 555
Telenor 5 day sms package
Telenor SMS packages conclusion


In this post we have briefly discussed Telenor SMS Packages with all the required information. Telenor SMS Packages are in the shape of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, 5 day and 15 day economy. All the Telenor SMS Packages are for all Telenor prepaid customers. for more Telenor or other mobile network packages you can visit our website.