Best Jazz Internet Packages 2022

Jazz Internet Packages: Jazz is a Pakistani telecommunication company which was established in 1994. Jazz started its operations from major cities of the country like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Under the brand name ‘Jazz Voice,’ Jazz is Pakistan’s first private sector operator that offers VoLTE services.

Unlike other telecom companies, Jazz offers extra value with every rupee you spend. We’re not just talking about cheaper calls; we’re talking about slashing your expenses on everything from SMS to data and top-ups.

Pakistani telecommunications company Jazz specializes in data communication. With its mission, Jazz provides Pakistani customers with unlimited access to the most advanced network and customer service 24/7.

A mobile internet service that is easy and fun to use is Jazz. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees or charges with this service. Choosing the right Jazz Internet Packages for your needs provides real value for money since customers can choose from different types of offers.

In addition to high-speed internet access, Jazz offers its customers Jazz Internet Packages to satisfy their data needs and experience the best of digital entertainment.

You can select from a number of various and attractive internet packages offered by Jazz, including Daily Internet, Weekend Internet, monthly Internet, and SMS packages.

You can select various other package offered by Jazz from our website

Jazz Internet Packages (Daily)

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jazz daily internet packages

1. Daily Mega Package

Package PriceRs. 30 (including tax)
Internet Data1 GB
Validity24 Hours
Subscription Code*117*4#
Status Code*117*4*2#
jazz daily Mega Package

2. Daily Extreme Package

Package PriceRs. 15 (including tax)
Internet Data2 GB (from 12am to 12pm)
Validity24 Hours
Subscription Code*757#
Status Code*757*2# (Charges Rs. 0.06)
jazz daily extreme Package

3. Super Ghanta Offer

Package PriceRs. 10 (including tax)
Internet Data1 GB
Validity1 Hour
Subscription Code*638#
Status Code*638*2# (Charges Rs. 0.06)
jazz super ghanta offer

Jazz Internet Packages (Weekly)

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jazz weekly internet packages

1. Weekly Mega Package

Package PriceRs. 220 (including tax)
Internet Data8 GB (1 GB WhatsApp)
Validity7 Days
Subscription Code*159#
Status Code*159*2# (Charges Rs. 0.06)
Jazz Internet Packages/ Weekly Mega Package

2. Weekly Mega Plus Package

Package PriceRs. 280 (including tax)
Internet Data15GB + 10GB (2am to 2pm)
other benefitsFree Tamasha
Validity7 Days
Subscription Code*453#
Status Code*453*2# (Charges Rs. 0.06)
Weekly Mega plus Package

3. Weekly Premium Package

Package PriceRs. 169 (including tax)
Internet Data4 GB
All Network Minutes50
Validity7 Days
Subscription Code*117*47#
Status Code*117*47*2# (Charges Rs. 0.06)
Weekly premium Package

4. Weekly Extreme Package

Package PriceRs. 85 (including tax)
Internet Data25 GB (from 12am to 12pm)
All Network MinutesN/A
Validity7 Days
Subscription Code*117*1#
Status Code*117*1*2# (Charges Rs. 0.06)
Weekly extreme Package

Jazz Internet Packages (Monthly)

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jazz monthly internet packages

1. Monthly Premium Package

Package PriceRs. 650 (including tax)
Internet Data25GB
All Network Minutes250
Validity30 Days
Subscription Code*2000#
Status Code*2000*2#
Info Code*2000*3#
monthly premium Package

2. Monthly Mega Plus Package

Package PriceRs. 373 (including tax)
Internet Data12 GB (6 GB from 2am to 2pm)
All Network MinutesN/A
Validity30 Days
Subscription Code*117*30#
Status Code*117*30*2# (Charges Rs. 0.06)
Info CodeN/A
monthly mega plus Package

3. Monthly Supreme Package

Package PriceRs. 546 (including tax)
Internet Data22 GB (12GB from 2am to 2pm )
Validity30 Days
Subscription Code*117*32#
Status Code*117*32*2# (Charges Rs. 0.06)
monthly supreme Package

4. Monthly Browser Package

Package PriceRs. 89 (including tax)
Internet Data2 GB
Validity30 Days
Subscription Code*709#
Status Code*709*2# (Charges Rs. 0.06)
Info Code*709*3#
monthly browser Package


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Jazz is a well-known brand in Pakistan. Its subscribers get high-speed internet at a reasonable price from the brand. Since Pakistan is a developing country, 4G internet provides students and professionals with easy access to the internet.

With Jazz telecom, you can get good Internet speed and a good infrastructure at a very reasonable price. People can easily benefit from high-speed internet, so both individuals and businesses are able to enjoy it.

Launch of commercial 4G services in Pakistan was first accomplished by Jazz Telecom. Jazz Telecom offers its customers daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages in the form of Jazz internet packages.

Jazz also offers different other packages like Jazz WhatsApp Packages, Jazz Call Packages and others so on.

You can also read other offers and packages from jazz and other telecom operators in our website.