All Ufone Social Packages: Daily, Weekly, Monthly 2022

Get the latest information about all Ufone social packages: daily, weekly, monthly 2022. Ufone is one of the best telecommunication groups in Pakistan. Ufone offers comparatively affordable and inexpensive internet social packages for its valued users. You can subscribe to any package according to your needs.

All About Ufone social packages 2022

  1. Youtube Package
  2. Tiktok Package
  3. Facebook package
  4. WhatsApp package

1. YouTube Ufone Social Package

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Youtube Weekly Social Package
PriceRs. 110 (Load)
Data5 GB
Validity 7 Days
Subscription Code*5883#
Unsubscription CodeN/A
Auto RenewN/A
Check Remaining MBs Code*706#
YouTube Weekly Package

Youtube Ufone Social Package. Ufone has come up with an amazing offer for its YouTube lovers! Now, you can enjoy your favorite videos without any worries of running out of data, as the ufone youtube package gives you 5GB data access to YouTube for just Rs.110 (Load) with the validity of 7 days, its subscription code is *5883# and its No auto renew package.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the package now and enjoy uninterrupted YouTube streaming.

If you’re a fan of YouTube, then you’ll love Ufone’s new YouTube package! With this package, you can watch all your favorite videos without worrying about running out of data. Plus, you can keep track of your data usage so you never have to worry about going over your limit.

2. Tiktok Ufone Social package

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Tiktok weekly package
PriceRs. 55 (Load)
Data1.5 GB
Validity 7 Days
Subscription Code*2345#
Unsubscription CodeN/A
Auto RenewN/A
Check Remaining MBs Code*706#
Tiktok Ufone Social Package

Tiktok Ufone Social Package. If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay connected to your friends and family, Ufone has just the package for you! With its new TikTok offer in Rs.55 (Load) you will get 1.5 GB data for 7 days and its subscription code is *2345#.

you can enjoy all the benefits of Ufone’s high-speed network at a fraction of the cost. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start sharing those funny videos and pictures with your loved ones

If you’re a fan of short videos, then you’ll love the TikTok package from Ufone. With this package, you can watch all the latest videos without having to worry about data charges. So why wait? Sign up for the TikTok package today.

If you’re a fan of TikTok, then you’ll love Ufone’s new TikTok package! This package offers limited* access to the app. Make sure to check out Ufone’s new TikTok package! you can enjoy unlimited access to all the latest trends and hottest videos on TikTok. So if you’re looking to make and share amazing videos with your friends, then this is the perfect package for you. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and start sharing your favorite videos with your friends.

Tiktok Ufone social package Important Notes

This package is only for Prepaid Customers.

if Tiktok data package expires, extra balance will charge at the current mobile plan rate.

3. Facebook Ufone Social package

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Facebook social package

Ufone offers Free Facebook for its user so that its subscribers can use free facebook. where you can use Facebook absolutely free of cost!

  • no subscription charges for free facebook package.
  •  users will Subscribe for this offer by selecting the Free Facebook option.
  • Free Facebook service is valid for both Prepaid and Postpay customers.
  • If users opt for the paid version, he will charge for logical normal internet tax charges.
  • This offer is for a short period of time and you can enjoy as per your desire.
  • This offer is only for Android app users and browser and also iOS browser user can happily its perks. This service is not supported by many other browser like Opera Mini and UC Browser.
  • After subscribing users and customers agree to the term and conditions of Ufone data and facebook free usage policies. So that they can deeply analys and tracked services and performance of the users.

4. Free WhatsApp Ufone Social package

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WhatsApp Free package

Ufone Offers to its customers Free WhatsApp for the whole Month without any subscription fees and any other hidden charges. Ufone always offers great deals and bundles for its subscribers time by time. During pandemic days, Ufone offered its users Free WhatsApp offer for 30 days with the subscription code of *987#. With this free WhatsApp offer users will definitely have free whatsapp calls, videos calls and voice notes for all the day and night. Ufone is one of the biggest Pakistani telecom giants, ensuring that its valued users must remain connected with their friends and family from the comfort of their home


Q1. How can I check my remaining MBs of data of my package?

A. You can check your remaining MBs of data by simply Dialing *706#.

Q2. does tiktok offer is valid for both prepaid and postpaid customers?

A. Offer is not valid for Postpaid Customers it is only valid for prepaid customers.

Q3. Does All prices are with taxes?

A. All prices are with taxes.

Q4. Can i use tiktok package for other applications like facebook, whatsApp and youtube?

A. You can not use any other application like facebook, whatsApp or youtube. This package is only Valid for tiktok.

Q5. What if I consumed my entire data in tiktok package? will I charge extre price? 

A. You will charge extre price, if you consumed entire data in tiktok package. Charges will be subject to Ufone policy.

Q6. Can i unsubscribe my Youtube package before ending it?

A. You can not unsubscribe youtube package. After ending time period, package will automaticaly expires and will not auto renew.

Q7. Can I get free Whatsapp package for entire month without any subscription fees or any other hidden charges?

A. You can get free whatsapp offer by dialing code *987# without any subscription fees or any other hidden charges.


These are the latest Ufone social packages. We have discussed them in great detail with there subscription codes, expiry date and types and price.

You can enjoy Ufone social packages according to your needs and desires so that you can stay connected with your friends, family, nears ones and dear ones From the comfort of home or office.

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