4 Super Simple Ufone Balance Check Codes

Ufone Balance Check Codes, Ufone is the low cost effective cellular network provider in Pakistan and a subsidiary of PTCL. It was launched in January 2001. Customers can use Ufone services throughout Pakistan. 

There are several packages offered by the company, including Ufone Internet Packages, Ufone SMS Packages, Ufone Call Packages and more.

Ufone provides services such as prepaid and postpaid mobile calls, sms, Internet data, 3g dongle and international calling and messaging.

Ufone also offers new user packages for its prepaid and postpaid customers for their ease. Ufone offers very low cost offers and packages, and sometimes free of cost services like Ufone sim lagao offer.

Balance checking is a very easy process in Ufone. Customers can check their balance with 4 different options.

  1. Dial *124#
  2. Dial *336#
  3. My Ufone App
  4. Call 333 helpline

Option 1. *124#

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Ufone balance check code *124#

This is the most effective and common method customers always use for balance check. With dial *124# On a mobile screen, customers can check balance within a few seconds. There are charges of dialing *124# Rs. 0.12 + tax every time a customer dial this code.

With *124# Ufone balance check code can be used to check your account balance quickly and easily. Your balance will always be at your fingertips with this service.

By using the Ufone balance check code, customers can see exactly how much money is left on their mobile phone. Customers can check their balance 24/7 with the Ufone balance check code.

Option 2. *336#

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Customers can also check their balance by dialing *336# code. Navigate after dialing code and check balance and other services free of cost at any time.

Option 3. My Ufone App

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Ufone balance check through My Ufone App

Third option for Ufone Balance Check is My Ufone app. Simply download My Ufone app from Google play store for Android users and App store for iPhone users. Now sign up if you have not previously used My Ufone app or Sign in and get in the world of Ufone, here you can see all the information about Ufone like balance check, packages, offers, value added services, usage history and much more.

Option 4. Helpline 333

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ufone balance check through helpline 333

The fourth option is Ufone helpline 333. Call the Ufone helpline and ask the helpline representative for remaining balance, and the representative will inform you properly.

you can ask representative about any other information like packages, offers, usage of balance, and value added services. Ufone’s helpline is the best in term of service and quality. call charges will be applied for Ufone helpline 333 as per ufone policy.


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Ufone balance check is as easy as always been. In this article we tried to give full information about the Ufone balance check. We briefly discussed 4 different options of ufone balance check and how they work. You can check other network calls, sms and internet packages in our website Pakistani Offers.