7 Best Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone SMS Packages: Ufone is the 4th largest mobile telecom company of Pakistan. Ufone has some unique features and services. Ufone offers various sms, call and internet data packages for the subscribers at very cheap prices.

Ufone is one of the most trusted mobile telecommunication companies in Pakistan. Owner of Ufone named it Ufone because he wanted to call everyone at a cheaper rate and so he did it best.

The Company started its operations in 2001, in just 2 years of its launch, it emerged as one of the leading private sector companies in Pakistan with a customer base of millions. Now Ufone’s Customer base is more than 22 millions.

Ufone is the mobile operator in Pakistan to provide 2G,3G and 4G services.

Ufone began business by offering consumer products, corporations, and government bodies a variety of services.

Voice calls, SMS, MMS, as well as fast internet access (download/upload) via GPRS, EDGE, 3G and 4G are just some of the services offered by Ufone. The company also provides mobile connections to all over Pakistan to every highway, small and big villages and cities.

In addition, Ufone in most cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta. Ufone is also available across the country.

By leveraging the latest technology and innovative business processes, Ufone’s mission is to provide customers with world-class services.

Ufone delivers the best quality of sms buckets to its users. With the SMS packages, Ufone provides the best way to receive discounts on international text messages.

Compared to regular plans, Ufone SMS packages are much more cost-effective and affordable. So, ufone is the best option for you whether you are an individual, small or big business or a student.

ufone has a wide range of sms packages in the shape of daily, 3 days, weekly, fortnightly, 45 days, yearly and unlimited. Ufone offers sms packages with validity of 1day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 45 days and 365 days, can be availed by its subscribers.

Now we will briefly discuss Ufone SMS Packages with Price, validity and activation codes.

1. Ufone Daily SMS Package

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ufone daily sms package

Ufone daily sms package is for those who are less use of text messages. Ufone daily sms package gives you 1600 sms for Rs. 4.77 +tax, validity 1 day.

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 4.77+tax16001 daySend “sub” to 605
ufone daily sms package

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2. Ufone 2 in 1 SMS Package

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Ufone 2 in 1 sms offer

If your family, friends or Loved one is out of Pakistan and you want to send them text messages in cheap price, then Ufone 2 in 1 offer is for you.

PriceSMSInternation SMSValidityactivation code
Rs.9.99 +tax5000503 daysSend “sub” to 615
ufone 2 in 1 offer

3. Ufone Weekly SMS Package

ufone weekly sms package
ufone weekly sms package

Ufone weekly sms package brings 1250 sms for Rs. 11.95 +tax, validity 7 day. This package is only valid for Uth package subscribers

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 11.95+tax12507 daysSend “sub” to 608
ufone weekly sms package

4. Ufone Fortnightly SMS Package

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ufone fortnightly sms package

Ufone fortnightly sms package offers 10500 sms for Rs. 39.33 +tax, validity 14 day.

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 39.33+tax1050014 daysSend “sub” to 603
ufone fortnightly sms package

5. Ufone 45 Day SMS Package

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ufone 45 day sms package

with Ufone 45 days sms package customer will get 31000 sms for Rs. 118.31+tax, validity 45 day.

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 118.31+tax3100045 daysSend “sub” to 614
ufone 45 days sms package

6. Ufone Yearly SMS Package

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ufone yearly sms package

Ufone yearly sms package is the best of the best sms package for all time of Ufone. This package allow customers to send 110,000 sms whole year for price Rs. 795.87+tax.

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 795.87+taxUnlimited*One YearSend “sub” to 601
ufone sms packages yearly

*fair usage policy of 110,000 sms will applies

7. Ufone Unlimited SMS Package

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ufone unlimited sms package

ufone unlimited sms package present 21,000 sms for 30 days. This package price is Rs.95.6 +tax.

PriceSMSValidityActivation Code
Rs. 95.6+tax2100030 daysSend “sub” to 607
ufone sms packages unlimited


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conclusion of Ufone sms package

We briefly discussed Ufone SMS Packages with prices, validity and activation codes. There are all types of Ufone SMS Packages like daily, 3 days, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 45 days and yearly. Now it depends upon customers what kind of Ufone SMS Packages they like.