3 Super Zong Balance Check Codes

Zong Balance Check Codes, Zong is Pakistan’s best leading Mobile network operator with subscribers more than 42 million. Zong is a subsidiary of China Mobile and its headquarter is located in the best city of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Providing quality service and innovative products has earned Zong‘s customers’ trust and loyalty. In addition to the recent adoption of 4G LTE (long term evolution) technology in Pakistan.

every village and city, every road and highway, Zong is available all over Pakistan.

Zong is providing all mobile major services like calls, sms and internet data packages.
Customers can recharge their account balance and also check through different ways.
There are 3 different ways to check Zong remaining balance.

  1. *222#
  2. *310#
  3. Zong Helpline 310

1. Zong Balance Check Codes (*222#)

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Zong balance check codes service is available like all other telecom mobile networks. You can check your balance by dialing code on your mobile screen *222#, charges for this service is Rs.0.20 plus tax.

Every time a customer dial this code will charge an applicable amount. If you are worried about your remaining balance check, then you don’t need to worry about that because remaining balance check is not a difficult task in Zong.

You can check your balance on *222# by dialing USSD code. This service is applicable for all Zong prepaid customers.

2. *310#

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Zong Balance Check codes *310#, you can check your balance in just one dial. You can check your balance via USSD by dialing *310#, pressing the call button, and following the instructions. 

For each balance inquiry you make through the *310# USSD code, you will be charged Rs.0.20 plus tax, which will be deducted from your Zong balance.

Now it is very very easy to check your remaining Zong prepaid balance. The *310# number can be used to check your account’s current prepaid balance and validity, credit or debit balances, previous top up details, and recharge history.

3. Zong Helpline 310

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Zong Helpline 310

Zong balance check through Zong helpline 310 is a very easy step for all Zong prepaid customers. Just dial 310 Zong helpline number (charges applicable for zong helpline call) from your number to check balance, talk with helpline representative and ask for remaining balance check. Representatives will inform you about your remaining balance and validity in a proper way. Zong’s helpline is the best and helpful for its customers. 

Choosing ZONG Prepaid SIMs is the best decision you can make. You can connect with your family and friends, as well as the people you love, with the 4G superfast data. 

So why delay, join Pakistan’s best network Zong today!


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These are 3 easy and helpful steps for Zong balance check. Zong is offering these 3 balance check codes for the help of customers. We hope you got your desired information regarding Zong Balance check codes. You can also read about Zong WhatsApp packages in our website Pakistani Offers.